Dr. Kasaraneni Sadasiva Rao garu

Dr. Kasaraneni Sadasivarao was a surgeon, politician, philanthropist and educationist in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. He was from Takkelapadu in Guntur district. Coming from an agricultural family, he was the first one in his family to become a doctor. He married Chalasani Jayapradamba, who was also a doctor. Together, they provided healthcare for the people of Guntur for nearly 40 years and left a lasting impression on the people of Guntur. He started the Peoples Nursing Home in Guntur. This was a training hospital which also served much of the local village population. He never demanded money from his patients and many of his poor patients (who were farmers) ended up getting financial aid from him.
After the death of his wife, he retired from public life and lived in his family home in Guntur. In memory of his spouse, he started the “Dr. Jayapradamba Degree College”[18] in Guntur, which aims to provide education at an affordable price for youngsters. He is also the founding secretary of Nagarjuna Educational Society and served as its President for a number of years which expanded under his tenure. [19]
He was a Member of the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly (MLA) from Pedakurapadu constituency in the 1980s (Telugu Desam Party) [20]..


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